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Handmade by ME


Our Stamps





The stamps are made by us from the highest quality materials in resilient clear polymer and mounted on clear acrylic blocks to allow you to see through the stamps for accurate positioning.  We attach a temporary paper sticker that is easily removed and discarded after purchasing.



Each stamp is not shown to scale, but you will notice a code number underneath the image, beside which you will find the approximate size for that stamp, showing first the width followed by the height.   Most of the stamps come in multiple sizes, so you can find just the right one for any project.   The larger stamps are ideal for a single image on a card, and the smaller ones perfect for stamping as a background.   When a stamp faces the opposite direction, we have included it twice to show the difference.

Note: Because we need to keep the files simple to allow you see as many stamps as possible and to download off the net quickly, the quality you see on the screen is not a true indication of the high quality of our stamps.



  The letter preceding the stamp number code is your way of determining the cost of the stamp.   Each page of stamps has a price list running down the right of the screen, so at any time you can see the cost.   Our prices start as low as $6 and are very reasonably priced for the budget conscious buyer.



Price List (Aus.$)